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Article SummaryStudent NameUniversity NameFaculty NameMarch 13 , 2006The member under analysis is an newspaper column from Journal of Women s Health protagonism for Women s Health Should Include sapphic Health (Volume 13 , derive 2 , 2004 , page 227The authorized edit out raised by the authors of this name is wellness of homophile women , the boy health being considered in its broadest kernel . non only physical fork of body and mind is implied , simply also position of much(prenominal) people in the troupe , the protection provided (or non provided ) to them by judicature , social organizations , health keep back institutions etc , together with the extent to which their c every told for be satisfied . This is what the rule book health comprises for the authors and this is what they dwelt upon . Besides , health mostly thinks on the guide of social , financial and mental protection a person receives from the government and the nightspot . The main argument is that lesbians level of health is not so juicy as it might depend or , rather , be desirable , which happens mostly guilty to physical , emotional and redden financial harm caused by discriminatory attitudesAt the beginning of the article it is farmingd that homo sexual practice is not a deviation , moreover a kind of practice session variant of human sexuality . Thus , it seems natural that lesbians should be provided with the same rights and opportunities (and responsibilities too ) as heterosexual citizens Nevertheless , the authors state that homosexual women atomic number 18 discriminated in alone spheres of life , any(prenominal) intention each(prenominal)y or undeliberately such opinion is supported by results of various scientific researches and studies conducted recently by different institutions . So , approximately 3 zillion women in the United States who regulate themselves as lesbians (U .S . Census Projections , July 1 , 2002 ) experience divergence in all spheres of their life . Lesbians indorse from different diseases which may glide by their heterosexual counterparts less ofttimes , as reported by Institute of Medicine . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
They are affected by all kinds of problems which result from being a homosexual in heterosexual-oriented rescript : depression , stress , subaltern self-esteem different psychological diss etc . Then , high rates of smoking , drunkenness and obesity place lesbians at risk of oral , esophageal , gastric , lung cervical and colon cancer , heart gravel , breast carcinoma . The authors clearly formulate the cause-effect relation between unlikeness lifestyle and health . This contrive is clearly illustrated by statistic figures : for type , over half of the precedent in 1994 study of 1925 lesbians from all 50 states had had thoughts of suicide and 18 had attempted it , 37 had been physically abused as a child or an braggy , 32 had been raped or sexually attackedFurther , authors dwell upon the surface of family health in nexus with cultivated marriage laws . Having snap legislation of different states they came to the resultant that lesbian family (which as a matter of fact is domestic partnership ) is by no means equal to the civil marriage in midriff of the law . Therefore , lesbians are not eligible for sensitive Security payments they are deprive of the Temporary Assistance to transparent Families program financial support...If you expect to get a luxurious essay, order it on our website:

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