Thursday, February 6, 2014

Natural Observation

Naturalistic Observation I was sitting at a round turn off in the bar area at Cheesecake Factory, when a male and young-bearing(prenominal) both probably in their leatr(a) twenties entered the restaurant. When they approached the hostess, the males strain was on the womanlys lower back while she asked for a table. When they got to the table beside me, the missy sit down down and then he did. They sat beside all(prenominal) other rather than sitting crossways from one a nonher. When the server took their drink purchase orders, they both got w taker; however, the female assign water with lemon. While they were looking at their menus, they leaned in rush up to point out different items but they neer physically touched. While waiting for their food order, they ate bread. They severally had their own plates for the bread. As they ate the bread, they glanced around mostly and get through a few comments about the architecture of the restaurant. It looked to me as if they did non know what to talk about. The lady fiddled with her hair and looked around a lot. The guy went to the restroom; and, while he was gone the young woman got her phone out of her purse. She was still texting when he got back to the table. He looked over at her phone trying to see who she was universe lecture to but did not say anything to her. As she kept texting, he fiddled with his bread, ate some, and watched the Georgetown and Syracuse basketball game on the tv set above the bar. The guy finished his wish-wash water and did not make any signals for a refill. dead after the waiter refilled both of their glasses. The waitress arrived with the couples entrées. They both ordered pasta but were different dishes. She ate with her left submit in her lap and held the fork in her right hand like a pencil. The male held his fork the same as her but his left arm was on the table close to his plate. The girl ate slowly and did not really order her face close to the plate. The g! uy ate faster keeping his face probably five inches from his plate. It was cast of hard to...If you indispensableness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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