Friday, January 18, 2019

Two Reports On Serious Failings

The early report I found from http//www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-england-bristol-20084254 was for Winterbourne View explosive charge household for populate with disabilities the report says eleven care workers male and female were subscribed. unitary victim was showered fully clothed and had m byh wash poured into her eyes , temporary hookup another was asked if they wanted their face grated with a cheese grater , the iniquity got so much for one patient that he tried jumping out of his window from the mo floor to then be mocked by the care workers, this all came to light by BBC One Panorama doing undercoer recordings it was told to CQC that snub the complaint.After the recordings were shown on BBC one the eleven care workers admitted to 38 different charges of abuse and neglect, six were jailed between six months to two years term the other five were on suspended sentences, the CQC said it was misjudgement that the concerns had not been investigated.The second report I found from http//www. bbc. was for Hillcroft Nursing home for people with advanced dementia the report says three female care workers were in involved in the abuse towards eight residents, the abuse involved was somatic abuse because they were slapped, tipped out of chairs and had things thrown at them and allegedly stamping on the feet of one resident and then emotional abuse because the care workers were mock them after the physical abuse, they were found out because the cleaner witnessed the abuse and make the allegations which resulted in the staff being suspended.But the returned to work after being apt(p) warnings with an internal investigation and not referred for police investigation, shortly after this the CQC kept getting anonymous emails about the standard of care and they handed it over to the local authority nearguarding team who later called in the police. Both of these reports involve very serious cases of abuse and only found out when surreptitious recoding or a witness came forward this is something management should pitch picked up on, all managers have a duty to hire safe and caring workers and to send all care workers on mandatory study sessions that cover all topics and all policies and procedures are being set in spite of appearance the company. Winterboure View and Hillcroft Nursing home management have failed to do this and were unable(p) to provide a safe environment for vulnerable adults.

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