Monday, February 18, 2019

Commentary on the Reader Response Method of Literary Analysis :: essays research papers

Commentary on the Reader Response Method of Literary AnalysisReader result criticism raises the question of where literary meaning resides- in the literary textbook, in the reader, or in the interactive space between text and reader. In other words the text itself has no meaning until it is read and understand by the reader. This analysis can dramatise into account the strategies employed by the author to elicit a certain response from readers. It denies the possibility that deeds are universal (i.e. that they exit al trends mean more or less the same thing to readers everywhere). Norman Holland argues that " to each one reader will impose his or her identity theme on the text, to a elephantine extent recreating that text in the readers image." Therefore, we can understand some is reading as a function of personal identity. The reader response method is one I like to use because it allows me the reader to become one with the tosh either as a character, an on looker o r both. For me the text lives in my imagination allowing me to see the people in the story, feel the characters emotions and walk in their shoes. Of course my life experiences can sometimes help me in interpreting the characters however, I have to be very careful in how I see these characters and where they live. I feel that this can hinder the way different readers see a story because not all of us are the same. I have to remember to acknowledge my own subjectiveness in the act of reading and be aware that I am reading a literary work with my own set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and set which will help me to prevent biases and prejudices while interpretating the material. For instance, I have to take each story as something new and not relate each character as an upper middle class white woman, married with two children, etc.

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