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[Name of Writer][Name of Institute][Course][Date] godliness and StateThrough verboten story organized pietism and brass has play an most-valuable office lag in running the affairs of the plead . In much(prenominal) societies God or a divinity was the supreme condition . The representative of that deity could be the traffic patternr or a priestly class . much(prenominal) a disposal has been cal hold a theocracy (Clarkson 202The Jews were control by a ashes a governance which was theocratic in genius . Only God and his integritys were sovereign inside the Jewish commonwealth . In some societies the rulers were vox populi on behalf of a deity . This overly led to senior pilot approval of government virtues . The gracious leader in a theocracy was believed to break a post relationship with God jibe Moses and Mohammad . In some societies standardized Middle Ages Europe the church building played a dominant mathematical function in the conjure up affairs barely they did not claim to be the recipients of divine revelation . righteousness has played an important role charge in unconsecrated raises . Some secular soils have delegated well-mannered law of phantasmal communities . For instance in India thither residualure separate family laws ordinances for Muslims (Clarkson 302Most societies were ruled by a combine of kings and priests Religion played an important role in the government . The kings and government lavishly patronize the priests and church . The church and priests in wrench provided justification for the rule of the king Theocracies usually down laws which ar derived from the dominant religion . These laws ass include civil law and criminal law . It can make behaves outlawed and it can oppress confrontation religions inside the stateThe Prophet Muhammad open a theocratic state in Medina . Muhammad had initiated his pr separatelying in Mecca . in that delight in were except a handful of pursual who had converted to Islam . Persecution had forced them to break away to Medina (Esposito 202Muhammad laid the foundations of the Islamic state in Medina . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Medina was a urban center composed of goy Arabs and Jews . A Medina consider was promulgated which created a br new(prenominal)hood surrounded by Muslims and Jews . two sides were protected by a military alliance . They would respect severally other and accept each other to practice their religions . In solecism of an barrage by other tribes they would inversely defend each other . The Medina state in addition impose punishments like the devastation punishment for murder cutting of pass for theft , lapidation to demise for adultery and lashes for fornication . Muhammad also preached a jihad or holy war against the heathen Arabs who had driven out the Muslims from Mecca . tribal raids were initiated against the Pagan Arabs to choke their stinting lifeline These raids led to a series of clashes which would ultimately end in victory for Muhammad (Esposito 210The Medina state is a unique fashion model of a theocracy . The Medina charter also aimed to end the fighting between the rival pagan Arab tribes in the city . It provided security to the whole community and allowed each religion to freely practice . A tax system was also initiated . A judicial...If you want to bewilder a encompassing essay, govern it on our website:

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