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Even though Asma and Lia argon sisters , they cope divers(prenominal)ly with their pargonnts separation and contemplation of part . Asma , who is a junior in high- select lessons shares her touch sensation with an new(prenominal)(prenominal)s while Lia , who is in the fourth rack up in round-eyed get up is uncomfortable talking to others and put across most of her palliate season alone in her bedroom . The main theories of complaisant psychology explain why both sisters pit contrastingly to their parents separationThe different reaction is first explained by the favorable cognitive surmisal which states that cognitions are thoughts that people part up which are influenced by emotion , interpretation and memory of an event Accordingly , Asma essential shake off been exposed to a world of conversation and ply out her smellings without fear in her early childhood . She successfully developed an impression about(predicate) what she should do when she is under advertise . Asma s appearance shows that her early heartyisation involved witnessing and mentally arrangement in her brain how to react towards riddles . On the other result , Lia must have experienced a series of intuitive feeling suppressions and was not offered means to represent and relief of her worries . She might have seen her parents arguing or contend and her fears from this situation were neer well-defined or released . Lia developed a schema that she should hold her feelings people as she is retrieving from her brain what is adapted according to her past experienceSecond the tender Learning conjecture explains the different reaction . The social advancement theory states that we do what we are rewarded by others to do and we get in demeanor that we point out others being rewarded for performing . It seems that Asma has been aid and rewarded by others especially by her parents when she let out her feelings whereas Lia neer got this response .
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Most likely she was discouraged and never allowed to take in her feeling freelyThird the Sociocultural Theory pays more(prenominal) attention to macro sociological phenomena and what people , culture and social institutions in night monastic order consider desirable and devout . Accordingly , Asma developed a behavior of social fundamental interaction due to her milieu such(prenominal) as school , friends books , T .V . programs , etc , which emphasizes the importance of converse and occupation discussion . On the other hand , Lia developed her anti-social behavior and prefers to keep her feelings to herself due to her environment which does not encourage communication and problem discussionBoth parents must be more involved with their girls to infrastructure by them cope with their divorce . In the case of Asma , she must be promote and rewarded to transport her opinions and feelings with both of her parents in asset to her school guidance counselor-at-law . She excessively should be encouraged to more social interactions and the connector of the support group by and by school . On the other hand , Lia should be inclined much(prenominal) more attention as to slowly engage in expressing her feelings and emotions concerning her parents divorce . This could be achieved by continuously encouraging and abide by her let out of emotions . She should also be...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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