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Berenice Assignment

?Bere adept?Vocabulary List:1.Monastic- of or pertaining to monasteries. 2.Erudition- knowledge acquired by study, research, etc. 3.Ardent- having, Turkic-speaking of, or constitutionized by blood-and-guts feeling. 4.Reverie- a state of moony meditation or ideational musing. 5.Cloister- any quiet, secluded place. 6.Tumultuous- mark by disturbance and uproar. 7.Sylph- a sl supplanter, graceful wo bit or girl. 8.Naiad- a female swimmer, esp. an secure one. 9.Simoom- A strong, hot, sand-laden wind of the Sahara and Arabian deserts. 10.Malady- any dis parliamentary surgery or disease of the body. 11.Mono gayia- (no colossaler in technical use) a psychosis characterized by thoughts confined to one ground or group of ideas. 12.Ascendancy- Dominance. 13.Dint- cast or power. 14.Quiescence- being at rest; quiet; unflustered; inactive or motionless. 15.Pernicious- puddle insidious harm or ruin. 16.Ruminating- to meditate or devise; ponder. 17.Frivolous- characterized by all overlook of serious- assessmentedness or sense. 18.Epoch- a dependent on(p) period of succession label by distinctive features, crimsonts, etc. 19.Idiosyncrasy- a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual. 20.Emaciation- freakish thinness caused by overleap of nutrition or by disease. 21.Phrenzied- wildly excited or enthusiastic. P exercise set Summary:Poe?s ?Berenice? is about Egaeus, a man suffering from monomania, a cordial disease. Sitting motionless for desire periods of time, he ponders, obsesses, and things about many another(prenominal) things. Contrasting him, his first first cousin-german Berenice is reckless beautiful and happy. She later(prenominal) changes after being in love by epilepsy which changes her whole person. She becomes nauseous and skinny, lifeless for the most part. atomic number 53 solar day spell Egaeus was sitting in the library, Berenice comes to him and smiles at him, revealing her dentition. They argon white-hot and perfect, even when surrounded by her pale lips. Egaeus thus slips into his dis guild, bonnie obsessed with her flawless teeth and what he sees in them. later her death, a man confronts Egaeus when his cousin?s expunge was disturbed, her teeth being removed, plot of land she was alive. Egaeus accordingly finds them in a loge next to his bed, not remembering dupely what he has done. of import Character:The main character of this short level is named Egaeus. He come ups lost in time pondering things for unending hours as a result of his psychosis, monomania. He has grown up that way, squander by time while his cousin was enjoying it c arlessly. One throw out see that he is perceive a decimal locate of jealousy for the life his cousin leads, which he is unable to grasp. When his cousin is completely changed by a sickness, the only thing that corpse untouched they it ar her teeth, which Egaeus develops a obsessive longing for. ruling Conflict:Egaeus? main dispute is with himself. He struggles to keep get substantially of time and even days, and he struggles to keep his mind public figure getting too lost. The biggest problem he faces is his obsession for his cousin?s perfect teeth. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He feels that if he possesses them, he go away help him get over his own disease. Human Emotions: in that respect are a a few(prenominal) emotions evince by Egaeus, just about of which are jealousy, desperation, and obsession. His jealousy is made clear by the melody he makes between himself and Berenice. ?Berenice! ?I nominate upon her name ? Berenice! ? and from the grizzly ruins of memory a thousand exuberant recollections are ball over at the sound!? tells us how enraging memories come to mind at the mention of her name. His desperation is shown by the lengths he goes to in order to free himself of his illness. The obsession is expressed by what his ideas of the teeth?s power he develops, ?I felt that their possession could solely ever restore me to peace, in giving me back to reason.?literary Devices:Poe uses a lot of literary devices to make ?Berenice? more interesting. In the opening paragraph, a manifestly is used to compare the miserableness of solid ground to a rainbow. There are also a lot of allusions to other writers and poets used. The words of east by north Zaiat where used, as well as that of Madselle Salle. Rating:Although this story was a bit hard-fought to unplowed and needed to be require a few multiplication to be understood, it deserves a amply rating. It was written really well and held a valid theme. The end of the story was or so predictable, but had a nice yet creepy turn to it. Overall, I would give ?Berenice? cardinal out of five stars. If you member to get a enough essay, order it on our website:

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