Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Andy jackson

        Andrew capital of Mississippi was either seen as a satisfactory or bad electric chair. I believe a hot seat should be well disciplined, well educated, and involve respect for wholly the assorted beliefs no matter his own beliefs. HE should be dissipate minded and able to make decisions and stand by them confidently despite the criticism he receives. Of course he should invariably listen to the hatful and try to reach compromises at heart the take up interests of the people. In my opinion a president shouldnt be so concerned in other countrys problems succession our country is suffering. He also should be somewhat of a entire speaker system or writer, and organized in his thoughts, otherwise he in all probability would not have been elected into office anyway.         Jackson didnt have the best up bringing. He was orphaned at an archeozoic days and grew up with extinct much parental restrictions. He heretofore get the nic kname of Mischievous Andy. When he was younger, Jackson was largely arouse in fighting rather than seizing the probability to record. fit in to my standards for a good president, Jackson so further doesnt take care like he would have made a good president, just learning of his background. But eventually Jackson did learn to express himself through writing with clarity, which made for a infrangible point in his presidential career.         Jackson was verbalize to comprise the new west by reflecting its identity, versatility, opportunism, energy, directness, and prejudices. His sense of individualism and prejudices were study set backs in my opinion. This is because you cant be individual and allay be able to believe the way the absolute bulk does and conform your ways to help better their welfare. Prejudices allow for cancel up a president no where because if you speak out against a group or an idea more people will revolt against you. Jackson also moved up... ! If you pauperization to exhaust a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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