Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Prosthodontic References

References Bite registration: Warren and Capp 1990 ideal properties, ? Low initial viscosity ? Set rigidly ? Quick position magazine ? Be dimensionally stable ? Resistant to distortion ? unswayed by disinfection procedures Egasu et al 2008 no impression disinfection technique atomic total 6% effective. Benzoalkium chloride and gluteraldehyde more effective Ockert-Eriksson et al (2000) - Polymeric materials close to accurate Eriksson et al (2002) no interocclusal record is most logical in dentate Davies and Gray (2001) CR record at increased OVD to avoid involuntary mandibular deviation with finish up Utz et al (2002) reproducibility of CR records unachievable disdain system used, but variations probably clinically insignificant Lucia (1964) jig bring togethering: Buonocore et al (1955) Nakabayashi (1982) Weak or strong acid engrave Primer HEMA, or 4-META stabilises collagen and allows penetration of resin Resin bisGMA or UDMA Long term problems senseless etching, decalcified dentin beneath resin, and collagen may degrade over abundant term, too dry collagen collapses. Sugizaki (1991) showed etching, airstream and drying caused dentine to collapse delinquent to loss of supporting hydroxyapatite Kanca (1992) implike bonding systems DBA classification 1- 3 feeling (conventional) systems 2- 2 step a) separate etch, then gear up and bond b) etch and prime, then bond, so called self etch primers 3- unspoilt bottle or all in one systems Hume (1994) dentine excellent buffer for self etching systems Micromechanical bonding of resins or so collagen fibres exposed by demineralisation of intertubular dentine GIC invented Wilson (1972) Mitra (1991) added piddle soluble resins GIC setting 1- acid attacks glass particles 2- surface abasement of the glass and grow of metal ions, fl uoride and silicic acid 3- metal ion! s reply with carboxyl groups of acids...If you want to stool a full essay, tack together it on our website:

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