Monday, January 28, 2019

A “Janner” in the “smoke” Essay

As I step turn up of the carriage at Paddington station I feel a wizard that I feel e real while I come sanction to this stunning and enchanting urban center that I love so much. The redness telephone boxes, black literary hacks and the marvellous architecture.This visit Im staying in one of the many travel inns in capital of the United Kingdom, this one is situated the otherwise side of the tower bridge which is a bit different to the liberal of impetuousel that I norm whollyy stay in when Im see London scarce this is no normal visit. This visit I am going to be a numberist and experience London from a different viewpoint. at present I save to find a taxi and drop off my bags. The taxi driver finds the hotel effortlessly and I am soon at reception checking in. My room is large and airy, decorated in standard travel inn style. I drop my bags and go muckle to the bar to find my friends, as tonight we argon visit the very popular Maxwells restaurant in Covent Garden.Wel l all I potentiometer say for the meal is superb Burgers and chips may not sound very nice but theyve ruined its greasy reputation. Now back in my hotel room Im making my self a java from the mini bar and am running myself a pleasantly hot bath which I allow lay in for a couple of hours.Today is Saturday and I will be visiting the famous Oxford Street with its many shops. The first one on my travel plan will be Hamlys toyshop, which I think is incredible and grand for children of all ages Also on this magnificent street is the Warner bros. Shop and Selfridges. later(prenominal) on in the day I will stroll through St. James Park, which links on to Buckingham palace, any trip to London, shouldnt be without this relaxing experience.Tremendous. Fantastic. In St. James Park the squirrels have become so used to humans that one came and ate out of my hand I was astonished. this evening Im planning on staying in, ordering a pizza and watching the television, in order to re charge my batteries shit for another strenuous day.Its 700am and Ive just been woken up by some couple next door having a row and I cant get back to sleep so Im going to set out earlier than expected go on a tour bus round main London.Im on the tour bus now and its great. thither are more people than Id thought on the tour but most of them are foreigners. So far weve functioned St. Pauls Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar square and many more magical and momentous holidaymaker attractions. Next I will be visiting Covent Garden to do a spot of light shopping and watch the operators.Having a hot chocolate and a bun at a small coffee shop in Covent Garden and watching a street performer on a BMX doing flatland tricks that I didnt think were possible. The one occasion that I have noticed that all these performers have in leafy vegetable is that all use juggling in there shows whether they do it on bikes, with chain saws or other hazardous objects.In these 2 age I have already spent 1 20 on presents for other people Toys, Clothes or food if Ive seen it Ive brought it.Tonight Im having dinner in the oddly shaped build across the road from my hotel, which every time I walk pass I smell the most stunning smells ever. Spices and herbs, sweet smells of the elegant abandon and everyone who comes out, comes out smiling.Today is the day that I have been most flavour forward to. Today Im going to Madame Tussauds. The creepy looking at figures look like they are alive. But first I have to wait in the long queue of anxious and restless people. There is a sign in front which says, 2 HOURS FROM HERE, which sounds ridiculous.Madame Tussauds. What can say it was worth the wait, which only came to an hour in the end. It smelt nameless and the rooms were hot and sticky inside. Some Japanese tourist asked me to cover their picture as they stood next to the Queen and prince Philip. But I reverie having mine taken with Madonna. You could spend all day here but unfortunately I dont have that much time left. Ive been lucky enough to secure some tickets to watch Chelsea F.C act upon at home so it is off to the station to catch the use up to Stamford Bridge before catching the late train home to Plymouth.What will I remember most about this different trip to London? As a tourist I see how fast the city moves, how dusty, how sticky and how lonely city can be when you are on your own

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