Monday, February 18, 2019

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Book Reviewwho fights who cares The sustain was based on a wide range of contributions, written and verbal, and has been emended together by Alex de Waal. He does not represent any(prenominal) of the views of any individual or government. The book Who Fights Who Cares is a very interesting book. The sharpen of the book is principal(prenominal)ly towards the continent of Africa. Just astir(predicate) every topic that has to do with blacks in Africa will in some way nucleus African Americans. The book is broken up in to little sections in all(prenominal) chapter. The book talks about the sixteen countries in commutation Africa. The book breaks down everything that is corrupt in Africa that has to do with blacks.The first main section in the book talks about why is at that place war in Africa. There has been many wars in Africa sense the 1970s. In the 90s alone there was something like twelve wars in Africa. many an(prenominal) of the wars had been g oing on for years about the same thing. In Africa they withal have wars called the war next door meaning that an current conflict in going on during the war. This is what happens in the first set off of the book.The next main section in the book talks about Improvements in host interventions. The people in Africa are saying that they destiny the unity of command for an effective intervention. They are also saying that if the military in each country were stronger then civilians would not die. The book also says interventions troops should have public relation officers and humanitarian sections in each part of Africa. A non- neutral humanitarian assistance is the conclusion to the book. Many

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