Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ethics and Information Systems Essay -- essays research papers

Questions of Ethics In Computer Systems and Their future tense1) Identify and discuss security issues and considerations evident forInformation SystemsAnd computerization in the brokerage industry. ( Think about how the earnings hasalready influenced trading.)"The engineering science is acquiring ahead of regulators" claims David Weissman,director of capital and technology at Forrester Research Inc., in Cambridge, Mass.If one is to believe the quote above it sounds very ominous for theregulators and the presidency to attempt to even bring this media under whatsoever kindof regulation. But, what is it that they the organisation agencies truly arelooking to regulate? If you take to the argument that this media, the net profitis truly a public access network, then the control to which they would worry toextend to it would be the most regulated public access governing body in history. What Ibelieve the attempt hither is to regulate by dint of censorship. Since it is al mostimpossible to censor the send for networks without actually eaves dropping on your telephone, they pass water decided to regulate and censor your written word. The danger inthis is what you write as an opinion may be construed by that politicsregulator as a violation of some regulatory act. The gear side to this is if youdid this through another medium such as the phone system nothing would ever comeit. The bigger question here is how much presidential term do people want in at that placelives? The Internet was brought into the picture for the public as the nextgreat technology of this century. It is without a doubt as big if not biggerthan any other public means of communication that has come before it. With thatin mind I think the government is trying to extract its horn in of flesh for whatthey believe is missed revenue dollars that could be made in the form of taxregulations."There are probably insiders touting stocks on the Internet eitheranonymously or under ass umed names," said bloody shame Schapiro, president of theNational Association of Securities Dealers, which oversees the NASDAQ market.The argument that they are both (the government and NASDAQ) currently runningwith is the "protection of the investor". When one looks at NASDAQs complaintit is clean superficial, for them it is clearly a redness of income for theirtrading enviorment, for the government it is a loss of taxes that could bederived f... ...s or messages beca usage the central computer inthe office go forth know your where abouts in the office at any time as you passthrough any door. Your day is over youll leave book of instructions fro your computerto watch certain events throughout the shadow and if need be you could be reachedat sept. Youll be paid in credit entrys to the credit cards of your choice, therewill no longer be money exchanged. To help you protect against fraud on yourcards when you spend money youll use your thumb print as you would your signature now. At night youll come to a far less stressed enviorment becausethe computer appliances in your house have taken a lot of the mundane jobs thatyou use to do away. Youll be able to enjoy high definition TV and be able toreceive some 500 channels. After checking with your illustration activated homecomputer to see if there is any phone messages or E-mail, youll retire to bedof course in you climate controlled home that knows what settings you like inwhat parts of the house. Oh, yes you wont even have to tell your articulateactivated computer not to run your computerized sprinkler system for your lawnbecause it will have realized from the weather report that it will rain.

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