Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Sloth

Sek Budapest outside(a) School English Work no. 1 Poetry outline Song Yuan Shan 15. 01. 10 The poetry analysis of The Sloth by Theodore Roethke The title of the verse form the sloth tells us that the poem is probably to the highest degree the animal, that lives in South America. Its probably a poem for kids to read. In the first stanza the poet is talking about slowness. If you ask him something it takes him a year to carry out that hed been asked something. Next it says that all he does is hang on a tree upside down. Then it says that no matter you echo him smug or insult him, he doesnt care. He get out still continue doing what he did before.In the last stanza hes sleeping again swaying by his toes and just wont bring out to answer your question. But you just know that he knows he knows. each poem has another meaning beyond the literal one. In this poem the poet writes he for an animal and not it, so actually hes not really talking about animals. Hes referring to idle hum ans. Throughout the whole poem the poet was describing a idle person. Theyre self-satisfied, thats why they never change their behavior. One way of achieving the qualities and making the rowing poetic is through poetic devices. Its the technique or dodging a poet uses.It can help the poet or writer in evolution cogent, e. g. the figures of speech. The poet was criticizing lazy people but he didnt write it so obviously. He used metaphor. The poet also gives human characteristics to the sloth which is personification. For example he says, he thinks. He thinks about it for a Year. The poet is exaggerating here, which is a hyperbole. He also uses capital letters. This makes a rhythm, patterns of sound. In addition the word EX-as-per-at-ing is shared out into syllables to emphasize the word and call special attention to it. All lines rhyme in the poem.The sound of the last part of the word is identical in each stanza, so its a perfect rhyme. The tone of the poem could have been mea n but he made it funny and friendly. The poet compared the lazy people to the lazy animals. The image I got after reading it a couple of times, is a stinky person watching TV on the couch while drinking coke and eating popcorn. They wont even do the basic things for living or to stay clean. Theyre too lazy to do anything. Theyre happy with the way they are. So the theme of the poem is laziness. Bibliography http//ezinearticles. com/? Poetic-Devices-in-Poetry&id=110584 Total number of words 438

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