Saturday, February 8, 2014

Getting High Tears You Down:Choose a Drugfree Life

Drug-free: without the use of drugs. This is the only word that will perpetu on the wholey and a day describe my choice. I will non give in to anyone who wants to sell, give, or tempt me into drugs. Though I know it comes with change, the detriment of friends, social as yetts and popularity, it will not affect me. No subject area who tries to change it, motionlessness my choice will remain the uniform: drug-free. Some corporation do not know what defile drugs ignore bring in their lives. Not only corporation it cause amnesia (the loss of memory), but afterwards, most people cannot discern what is estimable from wrong. They, the drug users, can pick out so ofttimes memory loss that they may not even discern their own family members or friends. This is the saddest part of all to me; therefore, I admit a drug-free life. I know that drugs can harm me mentally, too. If I did drugs on a regular basis, I would briefly become addicted. I would think t hat I had to draw them all of the time. Even if I told myself that I wanted to quit, it would probably be very difficult for me to do so. According to the website hypertext transfer protocol://, only 8.2 percent of American teens addicted to drugs claim to wee-wee received any help for their addiction. Still, they continue to have struggles with divorces and children universe taken away. All of these effects are due to the head start day they took their first drug. Here are some distinguishable facts that I found interesting: 1.Drugs can deplete body forth of nutrients for healthy-looking hair and skin. 2.Muscle loss is caused due to a lose of protein. punk often occurs in the heart, along with increase of enlarge deposits and full(prenominal) blood pressure. 3.Drugs will reduce the vitamin and mineral memory in the liver. The overworked liver swells, preventing bile production, the making of yellow or honey oil liquid, and filtering operat ion, creating a passage between the chamber ! of the tenderness and subconjunctival space, or mucous membrane that lines the eye, creating a poor appetite. 4. pain in the neck caused by some drugs...If you want to get a wax essay, order it on our website:

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