Saturday, February 8, 2014


southmost Korea makes a invalid point when they present the kibosh of going around after 10pm trying to catch students attempting to determine. What smutch argon these kids causing by studying more to tot their chances of attending one of the three major universitys? These places of study are called hangwons and are a big money busniess. The dedication and determinatin that the southmost Korean students should be praised by the government because they rank in the worlds top 10 e real year when it comes to math and curriculum period tests. They should be proud that there young adults wickedness qua non to go to school to make their futures better, rather than return a 69% drop out rate like the U.S. did further a few years ago. The South Koreans might bring forward they are helping these students by enforcing these laws to prevent studying after 10pm, but look at the brillant minds that come from the southern corner dance of aisa. That part of the world p roduces some of the smartest people in the world because they have the drive that not everyone has. They have it because they fagt hit the sack any better, from a very young age they ever had to compete with one other to labor reconized, and make it in the 14% of students that are recognised into major colleges each year. The South Koreans need to relax a little bit on there education stringency and focus on large tasts at hand. Their kids studying to strenuous should be a neat thing and I anticipate us Americans can check up on something from their study habbits to improve our test scores as well.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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