Saturday, February 8, 2014


In my personal opinion, I believe senator Barack Obama would be the well-nigh qualified to be responsible for the United States of America as our 44th president. I believe Obama would not only limiting our country, solely also would improve other countries image of us. The US isnt generally looked highly upon when it comes to our social acceptance problems with other races. Obamas familiar exposure the wealth around apothegm would provide often indispensable income to those affected by todays abhorrent economy by levy higher on all individuals ( slice creation higher on the wealthier) in an effort to try and process healthcare a unaffectionate commodity. By highering our taxes a lissom bit, those heightened taxes would booster to wear for everyones healthcare, making it free, which is called a left value, figure of like communism, but not just now, its when the government decides to own just ab bring out businesses, Obama wants to own healthcare. some other c ountries like Canada, the UK, etc are socialist governments, which allow those countries to be provided free healthcare. Obama also believes that we should find utility(a) sources of energy, such as substitutes for crude oil and so on. onshore drilling harms animals and the environment, which we sort of need to live. similarly if we were to find an choice to oil, it would most likely be cheaper, and would help stop the pay back of global warming (green house gasses). Lastly, Senator Obama believes we should gimmick our array out of Iraq, which I strongly encourage, as for the ago 7 days weve fought a war with no orient or motive, and compete in Afghanistan which is where the culprit who planned the attacks of 9/11 resides. It wouldnt be a careless withdrawal, Obama would slowly bear off our troops from now until 2010 small amounts at a time. McCain, while whom I highly respect for his service in the legions and what he did for our country, doesnt exactly mean he s a great leader. I think Obama, if elect! ed, pass on change our country, for the better.If you want to get a full essay, coiffure it on our website:

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