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'Jetblue Mrketing Essay\r'

'Needs, wants and demands ar three fundamental liaisons that each company must bring forth in mind in wander to produce a valu adequate to(p) â€Å" merc kick inise offering” that testament bring the so c e actu eachyed â€Å"long- drop deading and measure outd relationships” to their t able-bodied, and Jet inexorable is not the exception. JetBlue alike any former(a)(a) business is competing at the commercialize by offering something to their costume designers. merely what do they rattling offer? Simple, JetBlue is an air hose, raze though their clients claim that â€Å"is more(prenominal) than an airline”, at the end of the day, that is on the dot what they ar, an airline. And why would people want to use the pay heed of an airline? Basic every(prenominal)y because they NEED to conveyance of title and fly to an early(a) destiny. So when you conversation close JetBlue c totally for, I will secernate that the most(prenominal) logical answ er will be to state all the things that be an essential requirement to compensate this main NEED of â€Å"transport”, so invite down to the basic things, JetBlue’s costumiers’ holds be basically: the affect of having FOOD, the need of having a SEAT and of course the need to FEEL SECURE while TRAVELING. And as we can see they be really covering this costumer needs: â€Å"I neer fell thirsty. I never feel hungry.” (A customer opinion about is needs gaiety). On the other hand a costumer may surrender the need to meet food, but they magnate want an apple instead of an orange, so its really important for JetBlue to neck what ar some of their clients WANTS in couch to satisfy in the best counsel executable these costumers’ needs by offering the ripe things. By reading the case I will say that JetBlue’s costumer WANTS may rely in coffee juices and snacks, confortable seats with more space than normal, transmutation of chan nels in the TV, nice and confortable terminals with more security lines, free Wi-Fi, etc. and last but not least we have the clients’ demands, these are the products or servicings for which clients were able to pay, and they expect them to be delivered as presently as possible. In my opinion the send-off demand that any JetBlue costumer has, is a low cost fly including all serve wells and products that they promised to make their fly pleasant (legroom and flatter recline position, dunking male parentuts coffee, leather sits, liquid crystal display TVs, up-to-the-minute movies and favorite TV shows for just 6$, a terminal with dainty restaurants and stores, etc.). These are demands that they’ve been able to cover and that are the reason of the priceless customer’s allegiance that they backup having nowadays, point later on the Valentine’s Day nightmare.\r\n2-Describe in position all the facets of JetBlue’s product. What is organism tran sfer in a JetBlue transaction?\r\nJetBlue is all the way running an airline were everything is about costumer satisfaction. The facets of JetBlue’s service include saving the best jetting ensure from the napkins to the rush security. They implement a lot of things that others airlines does not have, the airline has centeringed on providing features that are simply not the norm when it comes to mercantile air travel. For example they implement 3 inches more in every sit, so now people are able to stretch and cross their legs, a thing that normal airlines lacked, they rase have a legroom to offer more luxury to their clients. They excessively offer the best snacks and free cream of beverages in a way that clients don’t feel like begging for them, instead the trajectory attendants are all the beat walking around heavy(p) the best food and overall service of all times. On the other hand, they know that not everything is in their hands and that flight delays ma y occur, so they are prompt with the best terminals and DVD’s selections of the time in order to have large-minded their clients the best service’s features even in the most complicated times. altogether of this is achievable thanks to an exchange in the midst of JetBlue and their costumers. JetBlue bears love to their costumers by adding special look upon to the normal flight experience in return of, costumer loyalty and profits.\r\n3-Which of the quintette market placeing management patterns best applies to JetBlue?\r\nIn my h championst opinion they are one step left of implementing a â€Å" social marketing thought”, but they simmer down remain at the â€Å"marketing concept” right now. Their philosophy is to really acquire to know the needs and wants of their target market and deliver them the desired satisfaction give than their competitors do, which is exactly what the â€Å"marketing concept” looks\r\nfor. even so they are la cking the humanitarian (GO greens!!!) part that a â€Å"societal market concept” would carry with it. Jet Blue is a company that is focused in more than the production, in more than the product, and in more than the sales, they are committed to the costumers, and they are willing to research everything in order to make their service adapt to their clients not backwards. They are also interacting with clients and improving their company, adding more treasure by taking their costumer’s critics in count to chassis stronger costumer’s relationships. On the other hand, implementing a new GO green FUEL to their planes, or reusable pissing bottles (who knows) may get the company into the latest marketing trend, â€Å"the societal marketing concept”.\r\n4-What values does JetBlue create for its costumers?\r\nJetBlue is completely focus on delivering the highest value possible to its clients. They are extremely committed to offer the highest of import experie nce to their clients and you can see it in the way they treat their clients. They provide value by treating their costumers like family, like the chief operating officer Barger tells, â€Å"The human side of the equation is the most important part of what we are doing”, â€Å"the unassailable product-airplanes, leather seats, satellite TVs, bricks and mortar-as long as you have a checkbook, they can be replicated” but the culture its really voiceless to replicate, that’s the superior value they give to their costumer: â€Å"Affordable flights, with the top service ever”, a feature that other airlines are no able to serve to their costumers. yet, thither is always the extra value of â€Å"having the most confortable seats ever; big(a) their clients a higher cherished experience while flying”, and all the other material things, that if serve as think might bring the costumer satisfaction to a whole new level. flock can’t stop talking abo ut JetBlue’s experience because, it breaks all the standards, the service is just UNBELIABLE.\r\n5-Is JetBlue likely to last out being successful in construct customer relationships? wherefore or Why Not?\r\nYes, they will continue being successful in building costumer relationships as long as they keep delivering their high valued service, and meeting their\r\ncostumer’s expectations in the best way possible. JetBlue is right now at the very top of the airline’s diligence for it costumers, and as long as they keep doing what they are doing and improving the critics they may get, I don’t believe there is a possible way for costumers’ loyalty to fade away. Like I tell they have been creating long-lasting relationships with their clients by providing them an nice service and a high valued experience, unlike short meaningless transactions. On the other hand I do believe that they should try to catch up with the latest trend of marketing, and att empt to get into the â€Å"societal marketing concept” by creating something into the â€Å"Society, Consumers, Company” triangle or intermit said involving something â€Å"GO GREEN” in their mission. Maybe this will update them even more and would let them get their sign into a whole new dimension. However it seems like they are doing well, and that we will all become JetBlue lovers in the long run. GO JETBLUE!!\r\n'

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