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organisational diagnosis Essay -- essays research papers

Perform a diagnosis of an organization that you argon long-familiar with, using the diagnostic organizational level analysis. Your diagnosis should include an legal opinion of the organizations performance and an indication of the underlying cause of problems.1. What is diagnosis?     Diagnosis is a systematic approach to understanding and describing the present resign of the      organization.2. The open system The general diagnosis model based on systems theory that underlines most of OD.     The elements in open system model are- Input Information, energy, people- Transformations Social component, technological component - Output sunk goods, services and ideas3. Organizational level diagnosis The elements in organizational level diagnosis are-     Inputs General Environment, Industry Structure-     Strategic orientation course Strategy, Organizational Design-   &n bsp Output Organization Performance, Productivity, Stakeholder SatisfactionMICROSOFT CARPOINT ANALYSIS arousal     General Environment-     Technologydepends on the advancement the technology, e.g. easy to model products/services.-     Social and Ethical --- less privacy, accuracy and safety.-     Economic --- different income and spending, e.g. crisis in Asia causes less purchasing power.-     Political and legal --- government regulation, e.g. taxation, domain wee-wee registration, copyright.     Company Industry Structure-     Threat of EntryHigh barriers fall guy identification, economies of scale, international market-     Intensity of Rivalry among Competitors more than online car industries, e.g. railcarByTel, AutoWeb, and Auto Vantage Difficult to maintain unique offerings.-     Pressure fr om Substitute ProductsThe handiness of substitute products traditional dealers, other online car industry.-      negociate Power of BuyersMore purchase options, more valuable and timely information, and the degree of transaction simplicity.-     Bargaining Pow... ...ned, there are divisional structure which are related to online machine products/services.     HR system support the Strategic Orientation, to achieve its mission mustiness be supported with well-developed human resources.     Organizational Design and Strategy is aligned, the secernate strategic intent requires an organization design that focuses on the creation of parvenue ideas, marketing and manufacturingREFERENCEMicrosoft CarPoint Case Study,http//, Accessed 4 May 2004.Rayport, J.F., Jaworski, B.J., 2001, Introduction to E-Commerce, initiative edition, Mc Graw Hill, USAMicrosoft corperation, 2004, http//, Accessed 2004, May 15). Redmon, Wash. (1998, November 24). MSN CarPoints Personal Auto Page Wins Big With Customers, < http// hole/pap.asp >, (Accessed 2004, May 15). Marketing Teacher, The Marketing Environment, , Access Date 17/05/2004Waddell, D.M., Cummings, T.G. & vitamin A Worley, C.G. (2000), Organisation Development and Change, Thomson Learning, USA.

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